I guess there are many other things like your passport and children that you should not be forgetting but we’ve listed 5 more things that you might regret not taking with.


A smart phone with a decent camera works fine and no reminder needed to to forget it but for distant objects you would like to capture it’s always a good thing to carry your DSLR camera with you. Don’t go out of your way to get one but if you already own one be sure to take it with.

Trainers (Tekies)

Many might prefer flip flops or sandals when on Summer holiday but a pair of trainers will always come in handy when you decide to go for a walk or a hike.

A Jersey or Jacket

The weather in South Africa in December is generally fine and warm but you will almost certainly have a colder or rainy day in between… well depending on which part of the country you visiting. Don’t get caught in the cold, carry a light Jersey with you just in case.

Driver’s License

It sounds like an obvious one but yes some people do forget their driver’s license at home. During most holiday seasons, South Africa has a fair amount of road blocks and this could be major challenge for those traveling without a valid drivers license. Also if you intend renting a vehicle your won’t get one without a valid drivers license.

Musallah and Water

If you traveling by road or doing day trips then don’t forget your Musallah and a 1lt bottle of water. This allows you to pull over at anytime, perform ablution and prayers on the side of the road. That way you won’t miss a single Salaah whilst on holiday.

Other handy things to have when traveling are:

  • Wet wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sand glasses
  • Cap or hat
  • First aid kit

All of these are available for purchase in South Africa in case luggage weight is a concern.