StayHalaal offers a simple way to connect Halaal accommodation owners with customers.

1. Create an Account

Creating an account with StayHalaal is easy, just click on the Add Listing button in the top menu and complete the registration form.

2. Payments

StayHalaal charges establishment owners a fixed rate of R120 per month with three payment methods.

  1. EFT – Payment must be done manually every month.
  2. Debit Order – Automated payment through all major banks in South Africa.
  3. Credit Card – Automated payment using a credit card only.

3. Get More Interest In Your Place

Once your listing has been submitted and payment made we will activate your advert and would then be accessible for the world to see.

You can view your listings statistics at anytime to see how your advert is performing. All booking queries made through the StayHalaal website are done directly with establishment owners. StayHalaal does not get involved in bookings nor does it charge any commissions on bookings made.

Thats it! So register your establishment, second home or granny cottage today.