Nizamye Mosque - Johannesburg

General Information
Entrance to the Complex is free
Guided tours of the Complex can be arranged with the PRO
The Complex is open 7 days a week
Visiting hours: 09:00 – 17:00
All tour guides/groups are to kindly refer to the reception

Visitors are required to adhere to a modest dress code while inside the mosque and courtyard
Men: Ensure that your knees and shoulders are covered at all times
Women: Ensure that you are covered from head to foot. Headscarves and robes are provided by the mosque management free of charge
Kindly remove your shoes before entering the mosque. You may place them in the shoe racks next to the mosque entrance
Eating or drinking inside the mosque is prohibited both during and outside prayer times
As the mosque is an active place of worship it is necessary to observe total silence while inside. Kindly switch off your mobile phones upon entering
Be careful not to disturb worshippers engaged in prayer. Refrain from standing close to them or walking directly in front of them
Visitors are welcome to take pictures and shoot video footage inside the mosque. However avoid pointing your camera at worshippers who are praying or performing the ablution

Any commercial shooting within and around the Nizamiye Mosque is subject to written permission from the mosque management