Halaal Tourism

South Africa is one of the top tourist
destinations in Africa, receiving over 9 million
visitors in 2012 second only to Morocco and the
Muslim tourism expenditure worldwide is to
reach $192 billion by 2020. Whilst most Muslim
tourists hail from Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE,
Indonesia, Kuwait, Turkey, Nigeria, Malaysia
amongst others… Their preferred destination
is Malaysia, Turkey, UAE, Singapore, Russia,
China, France and Thailand because these
countries cater for Halaal tourism.
According to Prof Saaiman, who is conducting
this first-of-a-kind research from a South
African perspective, halal tourism is a massive
opportunity for South Africa to expand its
influence as we can reach previously untapped
“We have an abundance of mosques and
restaurants that serve halaal food. South Africa
is perfectly geared for halaal tourism and we
should start marketing the country as such.”
“Apart from the restaurants, the mosques
and the facilities, we have Table Mountain, the
Big Five, pristine beaches, great weather and
a very favourable exchange rate. There are
ample points of interest all waiting for a new,
wealthy market.”