All information offered on the StayHalaal website is as a guide only as we try to keep it accurate but cannot be held responsible for inacurate information supplied by establishment and related business owners.

StayHalaal does not get involved in reservations and bookings expect provides a platform to advertisers and potential guests to view the establishment offers and communicate with the prefered establishment. StayHalaal will not be help responsible for any changes in bookings, calcellations or deposit returns. All individuals users the StayHalaal platform should if uncertain verify any information advertised on the StayHalaal website.

All material such as logo’s pictures and other graphics hosted on the StayHalaal website is property of StayHalaal unless stated otherwise.

StayHalaal merely verifies whether an establishment is Halaal or Halaal suitable and does not carry out Halaal inspections.

StayHalaal reserve the right to decide which businesses are listed based on Halaal standards and over advertising in already saturated areas and categories.

Terms and conditions for advertisers will be sent to the potential advertiser via email